Welcome to TransGirlSays...

Learn, Adapt, Accept

A New Community

TransGirlSays is a new space for transgender and non-binary people. We aim to bring provide news, advice and content from a transgender perspective while giving space to allow local trans communities flourish. We are a family-friendly environment. While we talk about relationships and talk sexuality, we provide a safe space for all ages and identities to discover themselves - we don't allow graphic or explicit content, nor do we allow sexual advances from members.

By joining this site, you will be able to access content specific to you. We post questions and interactive content, as well as articles aimed at providing insight into transition, and we also encourage members to interact with each other and help support one another.

We live by the motto "Learn. Adapt. Accept" and we hope all can get on board with this outlook. We are a diverse community and we believe everyone should feel comfortable here.

Welcome to TransGirlSays

A Big Thanks

To everyone involved up until this point. TransGirlSays... has grown almost exponentially since it was started in November 2017 and we couldn't have done it without you all